Hello, my name is Jonathon, I was born in a small town in Somerset in the UK. I am 16 years old and am currently in my last year of middle school. That’s boring, isn’t it? I wish that was me simple, no different to anyone else. Fitting in with the social norm. But I wouldn’t change who I am today. I’m proud of who I have become. I find it hard to love life but deep inside I do.

This was a real opener for me. Writing this piece is a way to be open with everyone. I want…

Hello, before you click off, this is not some beg, well it is but hear me out. I'm 16, you can find all you need to find out about me and my work, I'm open like that. I like exposing myself to new opportunities. You may just read this. I have no faith anyone will sit it, but if you are one of the minority that does read this, I'm willing to do anything to gain experience so please if you have any new project or an old one that needs extra hands, I'm always here to help.

Every day…

Why you need to live without social media

Counter-intuitive to modern-day society. Especially as a teen, it is almost a birthright to be using it. Removing social media from my life has been one of the most freeing experiences of my life. Hours of my day have seemed to open up as if I have gained more life.

I have been renewed. An overdue feeling that I have been needing for the longest time now.

Reading as I wake up unlocks a side of me I only realised I had until I tried me.

This is all a cliche, this has no flavour. This isn’t me, to be…

We need to embrace what is lost.

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Mistakes, we all make them. Some bigger than others. Mine is pretty big. As you may not know, I started writing at the start of the year. We are three months deep and I have written 20 articles. The quality of such articles is unknown. It’s an objectionable thing. I would say they aren’t the best. But that’s not why you’re here. You want to know the massive mistake I made around a month ago.

I was enjoying writing in lockdown. Free time was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. I must admit I have wasted, but I tried to make up some…

You've Wasted Being A Beginner

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We learn we grow and at the end of the day all that you’ve learned and grown into wasted. Every single second is a waste of time unless you do these simple tasks.

As kids, you may have played sports played an instrument or done nothing. No matter what you did, it was a wasted opportunity. Each time you learn something new, you create another missed opportunity for yourself.

As a writer, your job is to create ideas and produce them in a readable format for anyone to consume. Every once in a while you will lose your mojo. Writer’s…

It's never too late

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As I wonder whilst writing (a habit for awful productivity levels) I create ideas for businesses in my head, most of the time they are abstract, unusual, and quite frankly absurd. For example, I thought of a pram that was connected to an electric skateboard for convenient travel for parents and alike. Take this idea to the moon if you want to. My point Is I get easily distracted by business ideas.

Every once in a while these ideas branch off onto something greater. That something is a good idea. I’d say that one out of twenty is my ability…

The secret to online success no matter the business

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Of course, they do, well at least that's what we have convinced ourselves to believe, video after video is consumed by everyone nowadays, there is no longer a divide between the old and the young. Everyone has TikTok

TikTok is a prime example of why followers don't matter, the holy for your page has given the promise of fame and fortune to many aspiring people, hoping to gain some sort of online following by joining in on trends.

Unwillingly at mercy to the algorithm that controls the for you page on TikTok. like most other platforms, for your content to…

You have everything you need in front of you.

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Throughout my whole life, I have played multiple sports for many teams. Including school and club. leading me to want to be stronger, faster and fitter than not only the opposition but also my teammates.

In early 2019 this mentality convinced me that I needed to join a gym. So I can begin my journey to be the best athlete I’ve ever been.

Lucky enough the school I go to has its own gym. With everything you need, all the high tech gym equipment and weights your body could ever desire. …

Why you should adopt the “slow is fast” mentality

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You’ve heard it here first, the answer to your problems is here, wherever its business or a life situation. Taking it slow has always been the fastest option.

This theory is proven throughout history. In fiction tales and real battles, the winner is the slowest to start but the first to finish. Attaining the goal in front of them.

The Tortoise and The Hare by Aesop is a timeless fable that holds a strong message within its words. Popular in the UK but I’m not sure about America. …

Many opportunities are just waiting to be cursed by the online course. It's inevitable.

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We’ve all been there, searching for a side hustle. The internet hosts a plethora of opportunities for everyone to access. The ones who succeed are the ones who find the opportunity, its like anything in business. It’s a first come first served world.

When the world plunged into a pandemic back in early 2020. We all saw a sharp uptake in online business. As more people had to rely on their own will to provide income. The internet was flooded with so-called entrepreneurs who tried to claim a piece of a pie for themself.

I was on this search, not…

Jonathon Larkins

This is me.16. My whole life in front of me. Just trying to find my way through it. Building a better future for myself and others

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