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Why you need to live without social media

Counter-intuitive to modern-day society. Especially as a teen, it is almost a birthright to be using it. Removing social media from my life has been one of the most freeing experiences of my life. Hours of my day have seemed to open up as if I have gained more life.

I have been renewed. An overdue feeling that I have been needing for the longest time now.

Reading as I wake up unlocks a side of me I only realised I had until I tried me.

This is all a cliche, this has no flavour. This isn’t me, to be honest, I don’t know my voice at this very moment. It seems dry and off-putting. my writing feels lifeless, that not me. I don’t know what it is. I’m lost.

I’m so young I’m 16. I’m already wanting to do more than my age, I want to be older. I want to have access to money instead of sat around playing with my friends, I want to be making moves.

I need to write down what I’m scared of most and just slowly work through that list.

To Reinvent Is To Repurpose

If there is a problem. It's already been fixed, we live in an unrealised utopia that has a solution for every problem. If you are willing to look that is.

To be successful you do not need to reinvent the wheel. A basic example is Tesla. It is such a simple solution. It's complex underneath but simple at that. Not out of the box thinking just going against the grain.

Smarter than we could ever be. K.I.S.S. Keep it stupid simple, this is a mantra you should live by. Don’t overcomplicate shit, products are getting more and more simple. We live and breathe convenience. You can order anything to your front door. You can literally hire people to write shit for you at dirt cheap prices on Fiverr or alike.

Time is what you need to worry about. you can't make time.

We are forever heading closer to the pearly gates. Morbid I know

What your fear doing is what you will enjoy most

I didn’t even mean to link the 2 topics but I did, I'm scared of many things. I am not talking about fears. Real-life action. An example would be someone quitting a job to follow their passion. A bold example but one that is regularly used. To prove a point.

The point is that you should take a leap, not one of faith but a calculated leap. Everything is about risk or reward, hate your job, quit follow your passion, if it fails you are still on the upside. Further earning from the experience of following that path.

I do stress that if you are in any sort of education. Stick through it, fuck those 20-year-olds who got lucky and have more money than sense. Education is a ticket to do whatever job you want to do. Not a crappy life but a happy life if you are smart enough with your life choices.



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