Delete Social Media and Be Lonely

You don’t need the fake sh*t in your life.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Delete it. You don’t need the fake sh*t in your life. There are too many fake people and fake ideals. On the internet nowadays, especially social media, it is hard to think why you would still have it on your phone. Before the end of 2020, I managed to delete Instagram and Tik Tok from my life. The Facebook ship sailed long ago for me. You need to separate yourself from it, all too often it’ll get into your head and won’t be able to escape for hours. I covered this in another of my posts.

Influencers as they call themselves, as I see it they are no good for the younger generations. I respect them as people because they are clever and have managed to attract millions of fans. It doesn’t mean they are good. The images they present to the young is worrying. Me being 16, naive to what responsibilities there are when I become an “adult” (honest question, do adults grow up or are you still children at heart?) whatever that means.

Due to my parents divorcing, I’ve had to smarten up real quick which has caused me to become mature for my age. This was first raised to me when I was talking to my step mum. Her exact words were “you realize no one your age talks about this”. It took me a while to realize this. For too long I had been growing apart from my friends. I panicked but not for long. My friends did not care for me, it’s the fact I was too scared to confront them about my parent’s divorce. But this was for the better, I started caring for myself more than others.

Deleting social media was my solution, it started to become a problem, silencing my brain. I had become addicted. So I had to change. What inspired me was listening to podcasts. It was my freedom. They are the reason for my change. inspiring me, once I did it I seemed to be more connected than ever. Weird for something that connects us to block me from true connection.

This is where the loneliness kicked in for. Although I’m lucky too have the most amazing person beside me. There is still something missing. She lives 100 miles away from me, a connection between ones true love cannot break, it gives me hope. I will succeed in the end. Social media is not a beneficial environment unless you separate yourself. If a product is free then you yourself are the product. Imagine Instagram as a grocery store everyone lined up on the shelves. The shop opens, influencers and large corporations walk in and start picking up people off the shelves. That’s where you want to position yourself on social media as a customer and not as a product. Think about that analogy for a while if you don’t understand, think again.

The Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma explains this. A real eye-opener for anyone to watch. It shows the cold, hard truth of it all. If you are skeptical about deleting social media, this will convince you that you don’t need it. It further highlights problems, with such platforms, but that they never intended to. Rather they grew into the monsters they are today. There is only one way to defeat such monsters.

Delete it, I have only seen benefits from this if you want to know about someone google it or even better ask them. Take a hard long look in the mirror and question if you need it in your life. If like me you use messaging services such as Snapchat or whats app. Go ahead you use that all you want. Try your best to stay away from content filled platforms unless of course, you are a creator.

Or do what’s best for you. The reality of all this is that along as you are happy you have no problem. But if like me you are unhappy, you have to fix it. You cannot convince yourself that it will change by itself. Trust me I tried to. You have to take responsibility. Take action.



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